Script to turn on "Overprint Preview" in Illustrator

Here is my script. It doesn’t error out, but doesn’t do the job neither.
Just learning scripting, so maybe I am way off the mark here.


–get a sourceFolder that holds the files to print
set sourceFolder to (choose folder with prompt “Choose a folder with files to process:”) as text
Here is the script from message above, sorry!

– get a list of files of the files to be printed in the sourceFolder
tell application “Finder” to set workingFiles to (every file of folder sourceFolder) as alias list

repeat with aFile in workingFiles
tell application “Adobe Illustrator”
open aFile as alias
set currentFile to front document
tell application “Adobe Illustrator”
set preference to overprint preview
end tell
end tell
close currentFile with saving
end repeat

Where did you come up with this from? I can’t find anything regarding this in either the PDF documents or the App’s dictionary.

Well I am a newbee and was trying to find the language to do this
task, it didn’t error out, the “set preference to overprint preview”
was just a shot in the dark.


You need to open the application’s dictionary and take a look at what objects, commands & properties are available to scripting. There are numerous things that are available through use of the GUI that are not in the terms for scripting it. I looked to see if there was any such properties for doing this and there is not. Illustrator actually gives very little in the way of scriptable preferences. It may be possible thru scripting the required keystrokes. But I have not looked into how this gets saved in the file.