script totake attachment name and apply this to subject when emailing

I use thunderbird to send mail on my Mac G5 Running Leopard. The files I sometimes send to our client have the subject field the same name as the file, i.e the file maybe a pdf with a name of TBC 458 My filename.pdf and the subject is labeled the same name, so each time I am copy and paste into the subject field.

has anyone an applescript to tell thunderbird to populate the subject field
the same name as the pdf file (or file).



Hi lister,

Thunderbird does not feature outstanding AppleScript support (yet?), but you can try to create a message like shown in this thread. But I recommend to use Entourage or Apple Mail, if you need a well scriptable mail application.

Thanks for your reply, looks like I may have to wait for the next version of Thunderbird…