script triggered by sound effect?

i’ve never used applescript, but i’m trying to make a simple script where it can run in the background and wait for a sound (like a ding or something) and then perform an action when it hears the sound. i’ve looked around and i cant find anything similar to this. am i incorrect in thinking applescript is capable of this sort of thing?

There’s absolutely nothing in AppleScript that will trigger on a sound event like this.

AppleScripts can play sounds, but they can’t listen and react (other than via Speech recognition, which is a slightly different beast)

there may be other options for you tho

what event is it that is triggering the sound
an error code? some other task finishing? there are many things that are scriptable that can act as a trigger for applescript

sometinmes you just have to think outside the box
sometimes you have to make it do things it wouldnt do normally in order to capture the scriptable info you want