Script Wanted: Segment Folders for DVD Burning

Looking for a droplet that duplicates a large number of files in nested folders into a new folder containing x number of subfolders of no more than 4 GB, so that they can each be burned onto a separate DVD.

This will be used for duplicating iTunes music files, so the special requirement is not to divide Artist folders. In other words, the script adds whole Artist folders in alphabetical order to a new folder named Disk 1 until it reaches 4 GB (or less if necessary to avoid including a partial Artist folder). If there are still more Artist folders, it creates a new folder named Disk 2 and fills it with whole Artist folders until reaching 4 GB, etc. Must work under Tiger.


–Ability to enter a text string that would precede the “Disk n” folder name, such as “Joe Blow’s Music Library”, so the folders would be named “Joe Blow’s Music Library Disk 1,” “Joe Blow’s Music Library Disk 2,” etc.

–Launch Toast to burn each “Disk n” folder in turn . . . well, that’s over the moon.

Please let me know if you are an expert scripter who can handle this.



Um, I will pay, if that wasn’t clear.

If you don’t find such developer, perhaps you can adaptate this one: