Script works as Script but as Application


I have a script that works Ok as a script but when I save it as an application it does not complete. I have built in various delays and Dialog Boxes so I can track the operation. It stalls (as an application) when it gets to the subroutine " on FileNameAddition" It shows the dialog box and hangs and does not get back to the main routine.
This is the script

--To Select a destination for QS Back up
--To Select the original QS Database File
--To Back up the Selected file to the Destination afetr adding an extension based on date/time
--To Open the original file for Processing

set BUFolderName to {} --BackUp Destination
set QSFile to {}
set QSName to {}
set QSExtention to {}
set QSDupe to {}
global FileNameAddition_

tell application "Finder"
	--Choose Backup Destination
	set note1 to "
You will first be asked for the folder to save the backup to,
then for the file you are going to open and backup.
As of 4/25/2017 the backups were stored in My Cloud.
This will appear as a shared device WDMYCloud"
	display dialog note1
	set BUFolderName to choose folder "Choose Folder for Back up of the QS Database File"
	delay 3 --At present using WDMyCloud which needs time to open
	--Choose QS File
	set QSFile to choose file "Choose the QS Database File to be processed"
	set QSName to name of QSFile
	set QSExtention to name extension of QSFile
	--Return Just the File Name with out extension
	set QSName to characters 1 through (((count characters in QSName) - (count characters in QSExtention)) - 1) of QSName
	delay 2 --Added as kept getting an error did not understand following command with some files
	display dialog "Will now Rename File for BackUp"
	my FileNameAddition_()
	set QSName to QSName & " " & FileNameAddition_ & "." & QSExtention as text
	set QSDupe to duplicate QSFile to BUFolderName --Duplicates theoriginal file to the Back up Folder
	set name of QSDupe to QSName --Renames the file copied to the Back up Folder
	--Open the original File
	display dialog "Now Opens Original Database File following BackUp"
	open QSFile
end tell

on FileNameAddition_() --Create File NameAddition
	tell me
		display dialog "Create Backup Name will delay 2 seconds"
	end tell
	delay 2
	set myhour to get the (hours of (current date)) as string
	set mymin to get the (minutes of (current date)) as string
	set mymonth to get the (month of (current date)) as integer
	set mymonth to mymonth as string
	set myday to get the (day of (current date)) as string
	--Pad Results so always a four digit number
	if (length of myhour) < 2 then set myhour to "0" & myhour
	if (length of mymin) < 2 then set mymin to "0" & mymin
	if (length of mymonth) < 2 then set mymonth to "0" & mymonth
	if (length of myday) < 2 then set myday to "0" & myday
	set FileNameAddition_ to mymonth & myday & " " & myhour & mymin
end FileNameAddition_

Any suggestions appreciated



Model: iMac 27
Browser: Safari 603.1.30
Operating System: Mac OS X (10.10)


You’re using the same name for a handler and a global variable. The value of a global persists across runs of the script, so if it’s changed on the first run, it no longer points to the handler and the script can’t find the handler on subsequent runs.

Run handler variables also persist and handler variables are effectively globals anyway, so really, no kind of variable should have the same name as a handler within the same scope.