Scriptable VNC?

I’m looking for a VNC client that is scriptable. I maintain 100+ PCs that I have recorded in a Filemaker database.
It would be nice to fire off a VNC session to a specific PC from within its FMP record.

I have looked at VNCViewer (it doesn’t seem to have an Applescript interface) and Chicken of the VNC (its AS interface seems very minimal, but maybe I’m not seeing something there).

Any ideas for a scriptable VNC client, or ideas about how to get CotVNC to a specific PC using AS?

ok - this answer might be a little late - but here is how i made it:
In my Case i want to connect to an IP which is stored in a Filemaker Cell called “IPnummer” and my Chicken of the VNC lies in my Applications Folder

tell application "FileMaker Pro Advanced"
	set nummer to cell "IPnummer" of current record of database 1
end tell
	do shell script "/Applications/Chicken\\ of\\ the\\\\ of\\ the\\ VNC " & nummer & " --ViewOnly"
end try

of course the “–ViewOnly” is optional…