Scriptbuilders dead?

The Scriptbuilders link on the main page of this forum is dead. Is Scriptbuilders itself dead? Has it moved? Is there any general repository of Applescripts left? I used to use Applescript Central all the time…

Not really dead. it’s in coma. We all hope it will survive


As the guy who used to run ScriptBuilders, I’m still forced to admit that I don’t know whether ScriptBuilders will ever be on line again. When Ray (the MacScripter site owner) revamped it a few years ago now we were told that ScriptBuilders needed some fairly extensive revamping to fit the new mold and that revamping has never taken place. Too bad because there is some good stuff in there, including scripts by StefanK, Nigel, and some of mine.

Hi Adam,

You should change the name. :slight_smile:



Julifos, Pescados software, he had a lot of scripts I started out with in ScriptBuilders, forever thankful. :slight_smile:

Thing is, script builders doesn’t tell you anything about what it’s about. It doesn’t mean anything.

I had the perfect name, but it wasn’t that good come to think of it. :confused:

So is there currently any respected Applescript repository?

You know what you guys need is a section on how to write objective c in cocoa applescript. That is good for beginners.


I don’t know what you put into respected, but the fact is that there is a lot of code around, of mostly good quality, if you google. But that central repository, which contained much, is down, unfortunately.

There is a series on writing ASObjC in Unscripted kel. If I’d use ASObjC I’d buy Shane’s book right away!

My ScriptBuilders contributions all wound up in Softpedia, but I’ve no idea how they got there (ie. whether they were mined or passed on) or how anyone’s supposed to find them without knowing they’re there. Just as well in some cases, as they’re hopelessly out-of-date. :wink:

Nigel has hit the nail on the head, really. ScriptBuilders has been down for quite a few years now (since 2009, I believe), i.e., for several major OS changes and significant development of AppleScript itself. At this point, the scripts there, which include a large number from Classic days, would often need repair before use.

Macusrii refers to Julifos of Pescados software. We knew him here as JJ and that was before 2009. I don’t think he’s visited since. His own web site still posts some AppleScripts for those who care to follow up.

I think that’s a good reason why we shouldn’t bother that ScriptBuilders is offline.

I was pondering this yesterday: and it is true, most or much of the stuff is probably broken, and there are new ways to do things now with the advent of newer versions of OS X. And who is to update a script by a scripter that has stopped posting?

Still, there are probably some gems hidden in there, that we miss out on. And it isn’t sure that it takes that much on an average basis to make a broken script work again, probably less time than rewriting it from scratch.

But it is a good way to assess the loss of it as DJ Bazzie Wazzie wrote, the scripts are probably broken by now anyway.