Scripting a Search?

i need to every file that has certain properties and trash them. they reside in many different folders. the safest way to identify them is that they all start with the same unique characters and they all are the same file type. i was hoping to be able to just “find” every file whose name starts with “BLAH” and extension or type or ends with is “.xyz”. possible without knowing or naming all their parent folders individually?

It should be possible (and safer!) if the files are confined to a particular hierarchy of folders:

tell application "Finder"
  set rootFolder to folder "bah:blah:blah:"
  delete (every file of entire contents of rootFolder whose name begins with "BLAH" and name extension is "xyz")

You can adaptate this one:

of course! “entire contents of”
this works perfect as the files can only be of a certain type and safe for deletion, due to their “Grandparent” folder so to speak. thanks a bunch.