Scripting addition inlcluded in AS studio App

I am new to AS Studio, and I am just trying to figure out if there is a way to include a scripting addition in the .app bundle so that the user doesnt need to install it. Is this possible?

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If I recall correctly, this isn’t currently possible but the AppleScript Studio development team is looking into it for a future release since it’s an often requested feature.

I’m trying to do the same thing. Almost a year has passed so maybe it’s now possible.

AppleScript has been updated so that now you can create a script bundle in Script Editor that includes a Scripting Addition. Does anyone know if you can now do this in AppleScript Studio via Xcode 1.1? I’ve developed the project with the Scripting Addition installed in the Scripting Additions folder and it works fine. With the Scripting Addition in the app bundle and the Scripting Addition removed from the Scripting Additions folder, no go. Any ideas?


Works for me, included as follow (why Apple’s AS documentation is so baaaad?):

- Contents
 - Resources
     - Scripting Additions

(where “+” is a closed folder and “-” an opened one, for your reference)

Just as in regular applet bundles.

Wahoo jj!

Silly me, since Apple uses the name “ScriptingAdditions” for the OSAXen folders in OS X, I assumed that would also be the name for the location within the bundle. Adding the space (“Scripting Additions”) fixed it. Sigh, you’re right, the documentation on this is not very strong. AppleScript is the most important technology Apple ever developed and they never seem to do more than let it twist in the wind.

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I didn’t check but this looks like good FAQ material if it isn’t already there.

– Rob
(I added 1 line: “this also applies to as-studio apps”)