Scripting Additions in Panther

This is probably a “dumb” question but I just switched from OS 8.6 to “Panther” and I want to make use of some osaxen written for OS X. Two these are “Jon’s Commands for OSX” and “Autotype for OS X”

My question is where do I install the for use in OS X ?


It depends on how you want to set up access for other users on your machine. If you want only yourself to be able to use a scripting addition, then you need to create a new folder in your “Home” “Library” folder named “ScriptingAdditions” (all one word and cap sensitive). If the folder already exists then add them there. If you want all of the users on your machine to able to use the Scripting Sdditions, then you can add them to the exisiting “ScriptingAdditions” in your root Library.

System/Library/ScriptingAdditions (for all users)

Users/yourname/Library/ScriptingAdditions (for one user only)

Most of the AutoType commnds are also availablewith GUI scripting (built-in). Just an FYI.