scripting additions

Hi everybody,

Can anyone tell me where to download Scripting Additions. Mainly I need one for timing scripts at the moment. I remember that there was a John’s Additions or something like that. I already have Smile’s additions. The Scripting Additions’ link on this site is in construction and I haven’t been able to find where to download on the internet.


This what you meant?

No download, I’m afraid.
And look at it’s age - highly unlikely it still works in 10.8.

HI alastor933,

Yes, that’s the one. Is there anything like that now?


Jon’s Commands was written to work with the original Mac OS and only partially rewritten for Mac OS X. Jon didn’t feel it was worth the time and bother to do any more with it when Apple switched over to Intel processors. However, Apple had already bought the clipboard commands (and ‘choose color’?) from him in exchange for a new computer (according to his story) and they live on in today’s StandardAdditions.


Thanks Nigel. I haven’t looked deeply into the current Standard Additions yet, but I like the thought that Apple is still thinking about AppleScript.


For timing scripts Smile has the excellent chrono

Hi mouramartins,

I didn’t know that was there. It seems to be doing well.

Thanks a lot.