Scripting Adobe Bridge Indesign Contact Sheet Script

Hello, we are beginning to automate aspects of our production process. Our current process relies heavily on using the “Create InDesign Contact Sheet” service accessible from Adobe Bridge. Because Bridge is not scriptable, we assume that we will have to script InDesign to make this happen. However, that service does appear to be directly accessible from InDesign. Adobe’s documentation for both InDesign and Bridge is very weak on this service so we’re a bit stumped. For a variety of reasons, using the Contact Sheet II service in Photoshop is not an alternative.

Does anyone have experience scripting the InDesign Contact Sheet service through either Bridge or InDesign?

Any responses greatly appreciated.


Andrew, take a look at this file. I don’t do JavaScript but think this is your starting point. I’ve only just got bridge so Im not certain but think it is ONLY scriptable in JavaScript. It should open in Extendscript Toolkit.

Mac HD/Library/Application Support/Adobe/StartupScripts/indesign-4.0.jsx

If you have not already done so go to Adobe bridge Scripting forum.

thought this does not work with the bridge, i sell a commercial indesign catalog making program. check out for more info.