Scripting Apple System Profiler desktop accessory application

Apple System Profiler Desktop Accessory Application
The version has increased to 2.4.2 from 2.2. The Apple System Profiler suite contains a great many additional classes, such as ‘System overview’ and ‘TCP information’, each with many properties allowing scripts to detect the presence of specific hardware and software features of the machine. The ‘Hardware overview’ class, for example, lets you determine the ‘LogicBoardNum’ in order to distinguish among various releases in a particular hardware model. The ‘ProductionOverview’ class even lets you determine the ‘SerialNumber’ of a specific machine (on my PowerBook G3 Series, it returns Not applicable; I guess Apple is planning for the future). The terminology style is not consistent with the prevailing AppleScript plain-English standard (many of the properties have no spaces between words but instead use embedded capitals to denote separate words), but the details made available to scripts is welcome. 10/29/99

Apple System Profiler application changes for Applescript 1.5.5
The Apple System Profiler contains these terminology changes: “AtEase” is now “At Ease”, “MultipleUses” is now “Multiple Users”, “StartupDisk” is now “Startup Disk” and “logicboard” is now “logic board”