Scripting & Creating Network Preferences?

Hi Folks,

another Day - another Entrea to solve the Problems…

tell application "Internet Connect"
set configName to "Huawei Mobile"
connect ppp configuration 1 to telephone number "gprsinternet"
end tell

This will tell the application “Internet Connect” to connect to
the internet… → but what the heck should my appli do, if the
configName is not “Huawei Mobile” but “abcdef”? A User can
change the names easily and then no connection is possible…

What I now would like you to ask, wheter you know a way to
attach a modem name to a configName? P.ex:

configName=“Huawei Mobile”
modem= “Huawei Mobile 3G”

Thanks for your suggestions…

Best Regards,


Hi Stefan,

unfortunately neiter you can’t manipulate the Configuration pop up menu with UI scripting
nor there is a modem property in the dictionary of Internet Connect.