Scripting Epson LFP Remote Panel for automated nozzle checks

Don’t know if anyone can help me, but… I work for an Apple Specialist in Richmond, VA and we are an Epson Authorized Pro Graphics Reseller. We have a demo Epson 4800 and would like to be able to have an applescript/automator action that would run a nozzle check daily to keep the heads clean. I tried, unsuccesfully, to write an applescript to do so. The epson LFP remote panel is scriptable, but when i get to the screen where i press the button to do a nozzle check, the Script Editor doesn’t recognize the command.

It’s probably something simple, but any help would be appreciated.


Larry Almarode
Color Management Specialist
MacPro Solutions
Richmond, VA

Try open the app with script editor - that should give the Applescript Dictionary as a reference (if it has one)