Scripting Excel - always a problem...

Hello everybody.
Hope I can find some good advise here on scripting MS Excel. Sorry for writing a whole book here, just wanted to explain all my 2 last days troubles with Excel. Description of problems:
System - PPC G3, 224 MB RAM, 4GB HD, MacOS 8 through 8.6, software used - Script Debugger 1.0.5 (SD). MS Excel 5, MS Excrel 8.

  1. Trying to: find certain text in Excel worksheet, get column and row number of the found cell (to extract further info below in the same column).
    a) If I use Excel 5, it finds the correct cell then as soon as I “set rownum to Row of the result” - Excel quits. I checked it in step by step mode and the SD just sits there, shows progress in executing the step and wonders where the hell is that worksheet? If I stop execution - Excel starts up again with a blank worksheet of course! If I repeat the step a couple more times then Excel starts quitting on me even before finding a right cell.
    b) Excel 8 does not have this problem.
  2. The text I search for happens several times in the page. But Excel never stops finding same cell over and over. So I want to change that text a little bit in the session, but do not want to save changes. The worksheet is in Excel 5 format. Excel 5 is out of the game (see above).
    b) Excel 8 does not understand how is it possible to just close the worksheet without saving if the worksheet is in Excel 5 format… “Close Window 1 saving no” - and I get a message warning that the file is in old format, do I want to update it (Yes, No, Cancel)? I want to automate, damit! And with this message I have to sit by the computer and press “Cancel” for every worksheet! Because if I press “No” Excel will save the file with all unwanted changes but in Excel 5 format!
  3. One last thing: has anybody figured out how to create a new Chart in Excel 8 placing it in ActiveSheet instead of creating a new worksheet “Chart1”?
    Thanks in advance. Really hope for help!

OK, never mind #3 - I found some info on it on Microsoft site. It happens to be a known problem and they suggest a workaround using macros. Although it sucks if I have to write/attach macros to every workbook my script creates.