Scripting Excel to check two places for duplicates

I would like to compare the data in a database(actually an Excel spreadsheet with rows for each record) to a similar set of data and have it check certain column values for each row and see if there are duplicates. If so, turn their font color to red or something. Is this feasible under applescript or better suited for a macro?



You can go either way. There is an Applescript Event in Excel’s dictionary Evaluate that takes a VB macro or function as its parameter and passes it to Excel. Or you can write the VB code in a script. Individual preferences, but I like calling the VB macro with Evaluate.




Thanks for the info but I’m a bit of a newbie at all of this! What would be the proper syntax for using the evaluate function to call a macro? Would I have the Evaluate event look at each row for specific data in specified columns and then repeat or loop? Just not sure how to force it to check for duplicates…

Thanks again,