Scripting Extensis Suitcase

I’m looking for a quick way to do the following:

When I remove a font in Suitcase I also want to delete the original file in the finder. Much like hitting cmd+del in itunes rather then just del. I would like to have a keyboard shortcut if possible.

Using Suitcase’s built in ‘reveal in finder’ then deleting the file then going back to suitcase and removing the font from it’s database seems like one hell of a hassle when I’m trying to clean up a 5000+ font collection.

I’m running Suitcase 11.0.4 on both 10.3.9 and 10.4.2.

Any help with scripting this or pointing me in the right direction would be much appreciated.


You might spend more time trying to figure this out than you would just cleaning up the library by hand. Suitcase is hard to script and how you’re trying to interact with it would be even harder. It might be an interesting (but frustrating) exercise if you’re trying to learn AS.
My suggestion would be to try QuickKeys. You’d be able to make a key command to do what you want in about 15 minutes.

Don’t try to use a hammer as a wrench.