scripting ffmpeg droplet with alternative outputs based on user input


First post so please go easy on me.

I’ve been looking into scripting a droplet in applescript where i can drop a bunch of videos on the app, get a dialog box, and convert the files with different settings (mainly resolution, gamma, rotation) based on user input via the dialog. The encoded files should be placed in a folder called “mp4” in the source dir.

How would i go ahead and set the dropped files as a variable to feed into the ffmpeg “-i” switch?

How do i retrieve the directory of the source files to run makedir in that folder?

Thanks in advance. Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.


Here is a starting point :

on open theSel
	set theFolder to first item of theSel
	# Here, theFolder is an alias
	set posFolder to POSIX path of theFolder
	# Here posFolder is an unix path
	# To use it in a shell script command it would be good to quote it
	set qposFolder to quoted form of posFolder
	# add the required code here.
end open

For safe, I add that you must save this code as an application to use it.

Yvan KOENIG (VALLAURIS, France) mardi 13 janvier 2015 17:26:05



Here is how to retrieve the source folder of an alias. (I belive a droplet is passed a list of aliases.)

set myDesktopPathAsAlias to path to desktop 
# just to have an alias that I know will work
tell application "Finder"
	set parentPath to container of myDesktopPathAsAlias as alias
end tell