Scripting for control of Quicktime Player question

When I tell Quicktime Player to open ‘a file set to the variable “thePic”’
it opens to its default aspect ratio (say 1600 x 1200).

:?: What’s the code to reset “the current display of the aspect ratio” (I think AS calls it ‘bounds’) of a .jpg file opened in Quicktime?

-let’s call the new aspect ratio ‘NewSize’- to 160 x 120?
I don’t want half size or quater, I want to control the exact size if possible.

This should help:


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Man i wish I would have logged in here after work instead of messing with it. I came to the same process once I discovered the “dimensions” property. I even included little algebra so that when the pic displays if either the width or height reach a certain limit the pic resizes proportionally.

The taking out of the controller is a cool feature! thank you…

However it presents me with the same problem: The pic opens to the default postion and dimensions :arrow: and then resizes, repositions, and pulls the controller. Its pretty hard on the eyes. I don’t want to provoke an epileptic seizure with all the flashing.

:?: Can I set QT to know these parameters before the pic opens, so that it opens where I want it, in the size I want it, and thanks to you, without a control?

Here’s an idea->
Is there a way to “hide” quicktime while it’s resetting the position and size, and then display quicktime once those commands are done? Did I just answer my own question?

I’m working on this tool, which is for batch renaming of photos. I have programs that open a folder of photos that I can scroll through and rename. But nothing like a batch drop. So I built one. I wanted to use an app that everyone has, and Preview isn’t scriptable, so I used Quicktime. I don’t have Iphoto, but I assume most people running X do. Anyone know if Iphoto is scriptable?

Anyway this script fully works as such:
Select a batch of photos (psd,jpg,works with mpg and pdf too). You can use ‘apple click’ to select a list of individual items in a folder as well.

Drag the photos on the script and the first one opens (to no larger than 320x240) and asks you to name it. If you drop a mov or pdf you can scroll trough it while your naming it. After you name the file it closes and the next file in order of creation pops up for the same renaming loop until the end of the selected files.

The only thing is the resizing part is a little lame on the eyes. Any hints at having the files open directly to a programmed size and position?