Scripting Illustrator CS

Hi Again,

I’m hoping someone can shed light on this:

Ive done a script that collects info from Illustrator CS and places it on a text frame. Everything works well except for the Blend Mode value. The text returned looks like this:
FILL: C-0 M-100 Y-0 K-0
STROKE: C-80 M-0 Y-100 K-0, 1.0 pt.
BLEND MODE: «constant ****e110», (100%)

where “BLEND MODE:” should have “normal”, it comes up with something like shown at the top.

The funny thing is that when the script is being run from the script editor, the Blend mode value comes up correctly in Illustrator. But when it is run from the script icon or from the File > Script Menu in Illustrator, it just goes… I’ve done the same script for Illustrator 10 and it repeats in that version as well

any help please?