scripting iMovie

I have some tedious work that I do in iMovie (basically saving a frame from each video clip on the shelf).

I keep hearing about how amazing and wonderful applescript is, but I can’t seem to find anything that will automate some tedious tasks in iMovie.

If the application is not “officially” scriptable, is there a way to say “click on this button” or “click on this part of the screen?” and “enter this text?” (essentially automate the mouse and keystrokes?)

Any suggestions appreciated!


Have you tried GUI Scripting? I would like to automate some things in iMovie and FCP too and saw, but have not used, this method of scripting. Another company has a tool to make the process easier:


GUI scripting is nice, but can be very tedious. I sent a half hour updating a script when I moved from iMovie 3 to 4 (without changing the functionality of the script). The script clicks on the Add iDVD Chapter button.

So, If you are going to do GUI scripting pick the version of iMovie that you are going to be using and then just play with it.

Thanks for the info. Someone else had suggested using QuickKeys to build macros. My current need is to be able to autoassign chapter marks every 5 mins (or some configurable amount of mins) in iMovie, iDVD, FCP or DVDSP. —John

If you are checking out QuickKeys, I would also reccomend looking at iKey