Scripting importing text files into Quark with formatting

I’m trying to make our print production manager’s life easier. I’m working on a script that pulls product info for each product from an Excel file and pastes that info into Microsoft Word. I then started experimenting with applying Word Styles in Word and saved files as .rtf files. (Each product would have it’s own text file). I attempted to import the rtf files into Quark, hoping that it would import with the Word Styles intact. If I set a style in Word named “Headline” with 7 pt. XB Futura ExtraBold text, it will import into Quark with 7 pt. XB Futura ExtraBold text, but it will not apply the corresponding Quark style named “Headline” to the text.

I found an article that suggested using @tags within plain text files at Unfortunately, when I tried that, it simply imported the words “@Headline:” instead of applying the headline style in Quark. I’m not sure if anyone still uses Quark. If you have any advice on how to get text files to import into Quark with the relevant quark styles intact, I would appreciate it. (Don’t say switch to InDesign, I tried to sell that and not everyone is as enthusiastic about the idea as I am, lol)

The rest of the script works, I’m just trying to figure out the formatting part. (Running Quark 9.5 and Microsoft Office 2011)