Scripting Mousekeys on and off

Sorry for the reposting. Ray fixed an account problem for me, thank you.
I am a disabled man who would like to use voice to control the mouse via Apple’s Mouse keys. I have many scripts that work, but its not easy turning mousekeys on/off. I am seeking a shell script that would write directly to settings so not have to do gui touching of the Pref pane. Yes, am aware of Xtool but it fails under 10.6. Please, some tools, clues or examples to solve this for me. Thanks.

Perhaps you need some VoiceOver

If the link to the file doesn’t work, navigate to /Applications/Utilities/VoiceOver

Ok, anyone please. I don’t need VoiceOver for I can see well enough. I want to turn on and off mousekeys by voice via an applescript. And there is no way to script pressing optionkey 5 times! You could make a lot of disabled users very productive. Thanks for hearing me out.