Scripting NeoOffice Spreadsheet a la Microsoft Excel

Hey there

I’ve been tasked with scripting the movement of data around a NeoOffice Spreadsheet (2.1 Patch 1). Previously, I had used Microsoft Excel 2004 for Mac and used my old friend (I don’t get out much) of

tell application "Microsoft Excel"
		activate object sheet "Sheet1" -- Make sure correct page is prepared to be pasted to
		--Data Grab portion--
		paste worksheet active sheet destination range "A1" --Ensures correct cell is consistently pasted into
		copy range range "O27" -- Copy the value of SN Ratio Up
		activate object sheet "Sheet2" --Jump to the results sheet
		activate object cell "D2" -- Activate Up Ratio cell
		--Next we use a customised keystroke to paste just the value of the result, not the actual formula of the cell. We employ system to do this, so close the Excel function here--
	end tell
	tell application "System Events" --Utilises the Keyboard Shortcuts with Mac
		keystroke "v" using {command down} -- Paste
		delay 0.5 --Added this because Excel needs a small pause between pasting and making that paste a "Paste Values" - Don't know why
		keystroke "q" using {control down} --Customised Excel Keyboard Shortcut for function "Paste Values"
		--NOTE- This keystroke must be set in Excel-Tools-Customize-Customize Keyboard for this function to work.
	end tell

Unfortuately, I can’t seen to make the excel commands stick in Open(Neo)Office…has anyone had success scripting NeoOffice Spreadsheet to perform the tasks of:

–Move to a specific cell (ie : activate object cell “D2”)
–Paste clipboard to a specific cell (ie paste worksheet active sheet destination range “A1”)

Thanks all


Model: MiniMac (G5 Power PC), iMac (Intel), iMac (G5 Power PC)
AppleScript: 1.10.7
Browser: Firefox
Operating System: Mac OS X (10.4)

To my knowledge this is not possible. NeoOffice has no AS Dictionary and even using a element browser I am unable to find a way to reference specific cells.