Scripting non scriptable application....

Morning all.

I’m trying to automate some tedious testing, and it’s not going well…

I’m using the Simulator application that comes part of Xcode. I can get it to respond to clicks, using system events:

tell application "System Events" to click at {678, 332}

Which is fine unless the window moves, then you’re clicking in the wrong area.

So, I’ve managed to move the window, but I can see this being a hideously laborious task

Simulator understands NOTHING of applescript… What I’d like to be able to do is things like:

tell UI element "Wallet" of window "iPhone 6s Plus - iPhone 6s Plus / iOS 9.2 (13C75)" to click

But even wrapping all of that in a Tell application “System Events” / “Simulator” results in a message saying that it’s not understood by the application

Am I flogging a dead horse, or should I persevere?

When an application doesn’t respond at the standard System Events’s click, I use the cliclick Unix command available for free at :

set x to 678
set y to 332
do shell script "/path/to/cliclick c" & x & "," & y

Yvan KOENIG running El Capitan 10.11.3 in French (VALLAURIS, France) jeudi 3 mars 2016 17:27:12

set x to 678
set y to 332
do shell script "/path/to/cliclick c:" & x & "," & y