Scripting QuarkXpress with Remote Events

I have been having a lot of trouble getting QuarkXpress to receive remote events in Mac OS 9.2.2. I keep getting the same error “–> QuarkXPress 4.1 got an error: An error of type -926 has occurred” Illustrator and PageMaker don’t seems to have these problems. They are able to receive remote events. I am trying to set up two servers one computer runs a database and the other runs the graphics applications which build documents based on information from the database. Here is the test script I am using for Quark

set remote_machine to machine “eppc://”
set remote_finder to application “Finder” of remote_machine
using terms from application “Finder”
tell remote_finder
–open Quark and get the appropriate name of the Quark Application process
open application file id “XPR3”
–give quark time to start up
delay 20
set quark_process to (every process whose creator type is “XPR3”) as text
set remote_quark to application quark_process of remote_machine
end tell
end using terms from
tell remote_quark
–error occurs here
make new document
end tell