Scripting Resources?

I am “very” new to scripting using a mac. I wish to learn more. Although I bought a book on Applescripting, I still have loads of questions, some too basic to even post.
For example, I wanted to know what this code was set for:
open for access file newFile
close access file newFile
end try

(I am not concerned with the answer, I just wanted to express a point that even what may sound elementary to you all is cryptic to me)

I am just wondering if anyone knows of any “Beginner” classes, links, or books out there. Even pay sights that would pass information along would be nice?
The few scripts I received help with are so beneficial, I see no reason to not want to learn and utilize more scripting in our workflow.
Any suggestions?



I think your best way to go is to buy two books:

Applescript, the Missing Manual by Adam Goldstein

Beginning Applescript by Stephen Kochan

For me, these were the best and most clearly written texts to take things slow and easy and actually make sense. You can download the scripts from both books to use as you read along with the chapters, and believe me, that made all the difference in the world for me. I admit that I don’t use the Missing Manual book much anymore, but I continue to refer to the Beginning Applescript one over and over, because the information is complete, clear, concise, and easy to understand.

Good Luck


Thank you so much!
That is the response I was looking for. I will be ordering those books tomorrow. Hopefully work will front the bill :slight_smile:


We have also here a long FAQ: (scroll down)
Articles on various topics in unScripted:
And lots of source code in Code Exchange:
And ScriptBuilders:
And, obviously, you can ask in this forum (and other mailing lists) and use its search button, as you will find allways someone willing to help.

Thank you.
I am already way too impressed by the amount of help I have been receiving :slight_smile:
I even ordered those books last night.
Your additional links will definitely help as well. Thank you so much :slight_smile:

Hi Jeff,

Please check out our handy Books/Resources section. Tons of great stuff here, all specific to applescripting, and in one convenient location. (The “higher Learning” link above)

Of particular note, I would strongly recommend Hanaan Rosenthal’s book ; Applescript: Guide To Scripting And Automation on Mac OS X

Also, please know any puchase you make will go towards supporting MacScripter too. :slight_smile:

Thank you Ray.
I was rather hasty and purchased two books prior to your post. Not to say I won’t order more :slight_smile: