Scripting Skim?

Anyone know if it’s possible to use applescript to set Skim windows to fullscreen mode?
I looked at the applescript library, but have no idea whatsoever how to make use of that info.
I notice that in the Standard Suite there’s a property called “default full screen view settings”,
but again, no idea how to make use of that info.

Basically, I’m trying to softproof/compare two pdfs so I’d like to open 2 documents and
set their windows to exactly the same settings and then toggle them.
Also, if anyone can provide some small examples of scripting the different view settings
I’d appreciate it.


Model: OS X 10.5.2
Browser: Firefox
Operating System: Mac OS X (10.5)

I have never successfully made Skim do anything useful from an AppleScript. Others may differ, but I don’t think its dictionary really works for setting things although you can get them.

Hi 47211,

I have made the experience that the developers of Skim are very responsive to feedback and feature requests. Therefor I encourage you to file a request on their project website:

Request a feature for Skim

I have great expectations for this free PDF viewer and make a lot of use of some of its AppleScript commands.

Thanks for the replies. I’ll request the feature, I just didn’t want to request something that was already implemented.
I might try and build my own full screen only viewer if it’s as easy as building a web browser.

Yeah kiwibird, I toggle using the tab key and either command or option, I don’t remember which.