Scripting stock quotes (AOL or other)

I am trying to script AOL to get a list of stock quotes for import into FileMaker. AOL has the Stock quote class with a whole bunch of properties, but I can’t seem to make it get a quote for me. (the properties I’m interested in are closing, 52 week high, 52 week low, and P/E)

Does anyone know how to do this in AOL? Can this information be AppleScripted off another web site or service?


Joseph :-j

I couldn’t figure out AOL’s stock quote class. Here’s a script to lift it off of Yahoo!'s quote service. Their format may change in the future which may break this so if it stops working, that may be the answer. I’ve also included a little code so if you go to Mac OS X, you can do this more easily.



I forgot to include the daily Change as a field when I asked, but using your script as a template, it’s a fairly easy matter to include it in myself. (Thanks!).

Now for the fun part… gettting this stuff into a FileMaker database, bypassing my usual pass through Tex-Edit…