Scripting Terminal

I want to copy the invisible Stickies database to an external firewire drive with the name “30 GB Firewire HD”.
In the terminal, I can do this by typing the following:

cp ~/Library/.StickiesDatabase /Volumes/30 GB Firewire HD/.StickiesDatabase

How can I write it as an Applescript? Whenver I try I get an error.
Many thanks,

[code:1:000]do shell script cp ~/Library/.StickiesDatabase /Volumes/30 GB Firewire HD/.StickiesDatabase [/code:1:000]

do shell script cp  ~/Library/.StickiesDatabase /Volumes/30 GB Firewire HD/.StickiesDatabase

Many thanks for considering my problem, but I can’t seem to make this work.

If I run as is, I get an Expected end of line error. If I enclose it in quotes,
Applescript stops at the GB space and says:

Expected “”" but found unknown token

What am I not understanding?

OK try something like this (obviously I’ve changed my user name etc):

tell application "Finder"
do shell script "cp /Users/andy/Library/.StickiesDatabase /Users/andy/Backups/.StickiesDatabase"
end tell

Where you put the quotes seems to make a lot of difference…

I’ve found the easiest way (and safest!) is to always put single-quotes around the path. That is, of course, unless you have single quotes in the file name. Ack!

do shell script cp '~/Library/.StickiesDatabase' '/Volumes/30 GB Firewire HD/.StickiesDatabase

Well, best thing is to check whatever path you put in, to make sure it is has no quotes and quote it, or escape quotes, spaces, etc if it does. I generally started leaving out spaces and quotes, slashes, etc a few years ago anyway, so that anything I did on my Mac would be cross-platform compatible. Especially important if working on websites. I use alpha-numerics, dots, dashes, and underscores. Oh well.