Scripting the Clipboard History

Current project involves grabbing several snippets of text from the body of an email message then using those snippets in a new message to the sender. The snippets are at random, unpredictable locations in the incoming message, and their content is also random. My approach has been to copy the snippets one-by-one to the clipboard then run a script that calls up the reply template and pastes the clipboard content into the first assigned spot in the reply message. Thereafter I have been placing my insertion point at the desired spot and using Quicksilver’s clipboard history feature to paste each successive snippet. (This is actually an effort to at least partially automate replies to webform inquiries.)

Is there a better method? To my knowledge the clipboard does not maintain its own history, so a third-party application is required to bank the info. I’ve thought about dumping the data to cells in Excel or Word, and thereafter scripting the contents of the cells into the reply template. But running this right out of the clipboard history seems most efficient.

Thanks for any suggestions.