Scripting the Date & Time Control Panel

Hello, does anyone know if the Date & Time Control Panel can be scripted? Specifically, I have a server that crashes ocassionally and gets restarted automatically by KickOff from Sophisticated Circuits. When it restarts, however, the system clock gets set to January 1, 1904. Any suggestions on how to reset the system clock to current date/time unattended would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance, Anibal Escobar

If you replace the battery in the server, the clock will keep the correct time.

Hello, I’ve replaced the battery twice and it always has the same problem. Any other suggestions? TIA, Anibal

Hi anibal,

I think your best bet is to use the Akua Sweets osax. It has the ability to:

adjust the clock Set/Get the system clock and geographic location

You could also have the server get its time from a network time server automatically.