Scripting the Dock

I tried seraching the forums, but the search utility used on this forum is utterly useless. I’m not quite sure how it’s doing the search, but it’s bringing up completely irrelevant topics.

So, can someone point me to some info on scripting the Dock? I want to get or make a simple script for deleting and adding items to the dock. If it can be done.


Well, I searched for Dock (not or Doc, which is the Word document extension), and found the following - and every result DID include the word “Dock,” so I’m not sure what kind of Artificial Intelligence you expect from a FREE programming-support forum:

It seems to not be possible to do this safely. The info is stored in ~/Library/Preferences/ The problem is that the format in which references to objects are stored is not easy to create. You can read about this at Mac OS X Hints