Scripting the Finder in OS X

hi all, I recently got a Powerbook to play with OS X. I’m having some problems converting some OS 9 scripts to work on X. For example, in OS 9 i’ve bound a keyboard shortcut to activate a script that’ll arrange/cleanup the frontmost finder window if the view is icon and then rezoom the window. There’s another one that’ll toggle the list view by name/date modified/kind/size when the frontmost finder window is in list view. Specifically, i can’t seem to get it to rearrange the icons and change the sorting of list views. I haven’t spent too much time on this, but i was wondering if some can say yes or no whether it can be done on OS X. Also, is it possible to change the size of icons via applescript? Thanks. --Alec

I’ve done some finder window manipulation in X via AppleScript. There are commands for most of these present in X Finder’s dictionary. There are a couple of changes, though.

Of particular note is the “Finder window” reference. Ya’ can’t just say “front window”. Gotta’ be specific and say “Finder window”.

I just peeked into the Dict’ and I notice: “sort: (NOT AVAILABLE YET) Return the specified object(s) in a sorted list”

This would seem to suggest that this and other normal Finder stuff we’re all used to is slated, but isn’t yet implemented in the current X Finder. (Other examples would include Finder labels.)

It does, however, appear that commands such as “zoomed true/false” are available in X already.

Hope this helps.

This is one instance more where I say: Why can’t Apple handle this the right way…?
I just can’t understand why the guy who decides for such changes at a mostly uncertain moment, doesn’t impose his staff to post some decent release migration info or script conversion tools.

Over here, there is a couple of first years undergraduates that can teach them better release habits.

Eelco Houwink

Success! Apple released a bunch of toolbar scipts at the link below. It provides examples to manipulate much/all of finder window properties. Now i can enjoy the Pixelpalooza icon entries with ease.

tell application "Finder"
	set target_folder to target of Finder window 1
	set the icon size of the icon view options of the container window of the target_folder to 128
	set the arrangement of the icon view options of the container window of the target_folder to arranged by name
	set zoomed of window 1 to true
end tell