scripting the finder of another machine

: i’m a newbie @ applescript and i was trying to script the finder
: on another computer. Everything works fine for example create
: a folder on the desktop of this computer etc. but when i use
: the display dialog command is get an error
: ‘No user interaction allowed’, why do i get this error and what
: can i do to get rid of it
: the code i used was someting like this
: tell application “Finder” of machine “DVN
: Server” using terms from application “Finder”
: display dialog “message to display” end using terms
: from end tell
: can anyone help me out?

Are you running <= OS 9? I got it to work by using the network script runner from Danny Goodman’s AppleScript Handbook. See link below.
Essentially, you allow program sharing for that AppleScript app, and then boss it around. One problem is logging in to the machine as a registered user. I know it’s great for security, but as he points out in chapter 15, you can’t easily automate the login procedure.
That is unless you have this Scripting addition Gem: Akua Sweets. Check out the “talk as user” entry in the dictionary under the Akua network sweets division of the addition dictionary.
I’d highly reccomend Danny Goodman’s book for learning the foundation of AppleScript. It has a great mix of beginner to advanced user subjects. The only problem is it has no clue about an OS newer than 7.5. Like I said, it is great for foundation learning, and has helped me figure out the newer stuff on my own with few other resources.
Good luck,