Scripting XML Import in Quark 5/6

Dear Pros,

My concern is to automate the import of an XML document in Quark 6 (OSX
10.2.8.) with applescript (avenue.quark)

After tagging my document based on a dtd, I wrote the following lines to
import that simple XML (the tagged document needs to be open while running the script)
Guess what:

This script is running but no result :cry: even no error was thrown :shock: ):

The Script:

set fileRef to alias "HD:Namen:arno1.xml" 
tell application "QuarkXPress Passport" 
                import document 1 from fileRef as "XML" 
        on error 
                display dialog "error" 
        end try 
end tell 

XML File (arno1.xml):

<visitenkarte id="av0"> 

Where is my problem?
Has anyone made such an experience?
Is there a solution?

Thank you in advance!


I dont have either version of Quark, but dont you need a destination to import the file (text?) into?

Thanks for reply Jerome !

I read the supplied dictionary. As I am an newbie I want to post you what they provided us with:

XML Import Suite: Classes for manipulating PlaceHolders using XML required component

import: Get the document using a filter
	import  reference  -- The Document to import the file into
		from  alias  -- the XML file  to import
		as  plain text  -- DTD or XML or XMT

toggle: Toggles every placeholder in the document
	toggle  reference  -- Reference will always be 'placeholders'

detach: Detaches every placeholder in the document
	detach  reference  -- Reference will always be 'placeholders'

Class Placeholder: A Placeholder
Plural form:
	nodepath  plain text  -- Path for node to be dragged on document 

There was nothing to find explaining that stuff with examples etc. …
I’m about to surrender …

Additionally I like to provide you with the results of the eventprotocol …

tell application "QuarkXPress Passport"
	import document 1 from alias "Schallix:Users:schallix:Desktop:XML Workshop:adressen:Namen:arno1.xml" as "XML"
	display dialog "error"
	«event ascrgdut»
		--> {}
	display dialog "error"
		--> {button returned:"OK"}
end tell

Thank you for further suggestions …