ScriptingBridge iWork 09 Numbers set backgroundColor

Hello List,

this is my first post and thats my problem with scriptingBridge. I try to build a time time schedule with iCal and Numbers. the workflow should be, to insert the working time into iCal. at the end of the month I will calculate with Numbers the overall working time from the different projects. so for, i can read all the data from iCal an put them via ScriptingBridge into Numbers.

The problem is, to set the backgroundColor of a cell to the calendar color. that is all what i have so far. this is an example with an green example color

	NSArray *nameArray = [NSArray arrayWithObjects:@"Peter", @"Paul" , @"Maria" , nil];
	NumbersApplication *numbersApp = [SBApplication applicationWithBundleIdentifier:@""];
	NSURL *numbersURL = [[NSBundle mainBundle ] URLForResource:@"pixelwg" withExtension:@"numbers"];
	NumbersDocument *document = [numbersApp open:numbersURL];
	NumbersSheet *sheet = [[[document sheets] lastObject] get];
	NumbersTable *table = [[sheet tables] objectWithName:@"stundenTable"];
	NumbersColumn *colKunde =	[[table columns] objectWithName:@"Kunde"];

	for(int index = 0 ; index < [nameArray count] ; index++)
		//write into cell
		[[[colKunde cells]objectAtIndex:index +1] setValue: [nameArray objectAtIndex:index]];
		//reference to the backgroundcolor
		id color = [[[colKunde cells] objectAtIndex:1] backgroundColor];
		//how can i set the backgroundcolor?????? it doesn't work
		[[[colKunde cells] objectAtIndex:1] setBackgroundColor:[NSColor greenColor]];
		NSLog(@"Color: %@" , color); // her logs the red color from the Numbers document
		index < ([nameArray count]-1)  ? [colKunde addRowBelow]: nil;

You can download this complete demoproject
here .Anyone with suggestions???

thanks wrongspot

So what I discovered is, with that AppleScript you can change the color of my demoscene.

tell application "Numbers"
	set yourTable to the first table of sheet 1 of document 1
	tell yourTable
		set the rangeStart to the name of cell 2 of column 2
		set the rangeEnd to the name of last cell of last column
		tell range (rangeStart & ":" & rangeEnd) to set background color of every cell whose value is false to {0, 0, 0}
	end tell
end tell

The line with rangestart and rangeEnd could be similar like that in Objective C

NSString *rangeStart = [[[colKunde cells]objectAtIndex:index +1] name];

but how can I translate the line “tell range (rangeStart & “:” & rangeEnd) to set background color of every cell” in Objective C ???