Scripts becoming corrupted

We have a user whose previously functioning AppleScripts are becoming corrupted. Lines such as:

set bucFolder to every folder of folder "to wamnet" whose name contains "BUC"


set bucFolder to every <<class cfol>> of <<class cfol>> "to wamnet" whose name contains "BUC"

What could be causing this? Thanks for any ideas,

It’s not corrupted. Applescript is having a problem locating the application that provides the translation to turn <> into the word “folder” when you view the script in script editor. What kind of tell application “” block is this in? Has that application been moved or modified? Anything wrong with the app’s installation? Standard Scripting additions look good?

Could someone please elaborate this somewhat? I.e. what would be the solution, how can I get the Editor to recognize the Photoshop commands?

When reopening an earlier fully functioning script I got these changes among others:
tell application “Adobe Photoshop CS”
set «class AUiL» to «constant e050Nevr» «event PsCSodoc» bildVal
set minBredd to «class Wdth» of «class pADc» as «class Ã…PXÃ¥» as integer

where «class AUiL» and «constant e050Nevr» obviously wasn’t there before.
Script refusing to recompile.

I am getting the same errors when opening Photoshop CS’s own example scripts from within the Photoshop application folder, even though I fail to detect any obvious errors in the script:

-- Copyright 2002-2003.  Adobe Systems, Incorporated.  All rights reserved.
-- This script shows how to trim the frontmost document

tell application "Adobe Photoshop CS"
	if ((count documents) < 1) then
		display dialog "You must have at least one document open before running this script"
	end if
	trim current document basing trim on top left pixel with top trim and right trim without left trim and bottom trim
end tell

Here I get a syntax error for the word “current” when trying to compile.

No reinstall of Photoshop CS done. Upgraded to MacOS 10.4 recently. No problems on other machines running 10.4.

Grateful for any hint!

Model: powerbook G4
AppleScript: 1.10
Browser: Safari 412
Operating System: Mac OS X (10.4)

Had this “problem” this morning with a Quark script. After I copied the script to a different directory (outside the app’s dir), I was able to open it in AS without the strange <>, which seem to be exactly that–when an application reads your “English-language” code, it translates it into code that the app can understand. I wonder if this is something that only occurs with non-Apple applications?

bme–curious if CS knows what “current document” means. How about “document 1” or “front document”?

Well, the whole script referring to “current document” is an Adobe Photoshop example script that came with the application. I haven´t altered it.
No effect when moving it.
I guess it’s the Script Editor having problems communicating with applications. I just don’t know how to solve it.