Scrollbars on a choose from list dialog

The way a choose from list dialog is setup/displayed implies that it can be set up with a scroll bar. Is this the case? It would really help a couple of my scripts if the items in the list were scrollable, as at this point the lists have at least 30 items, its a big list. Doesn’t fit on some of the screens of the comps it runs on.
Chuckles :smiley:

It sounds like you need something that is more flexible and scales better. Have you looked into AppleScript Studio? It’s not too difficult to get started, and there are tons of examples relevant to your task here.

I have looked into applescript studio, but I can’t find any stuff on the basics of it. So I just don’t know where to start. Do you know of any tuts or examples I can use? I need to learn it before I can use it.

Aside from looking around here, there are lots of really good example projects included with the Developer Tools. Dig around and see what you find. They’re fairly well-written and easy to follow.