Scrolling Text

is there a way to scroll the text of a text field horizantly?

thxs for your help!

anyone know?

You were a little vague in what you wanted to do. If you have a text field named “scroll_text” in your window “main” and also have a button named “scroll” in the same window, you can use this code to “scroll” through the text:

on clicked the_object
	set object_name to name of the_object as Unicode text
	if object_name = "scroll" then
		tell text field "scroll_text" of window "main"
			set the_string to string value
			repeat with i from 1 to (count the_string)
				set string value to the_string's text i thru -1
				delay 0.1
			end repeat
			set string value to the_string
		end tell
	end if
end clicked


i understand how this code works, but how do i get it to scroll the other way once it’s done scrolling to one side?

i just want to know conceptually (do i need to write a repeat thing after?, do i take the repeat out?), i want to try to figure out the coding.

is my question clear enough?