Sdef Editor update?

Being a Mac developer who enables Applescripting in his own apps, I am a fan of Sdef Editor. Sadly, it’s quite aged and has some issues with recent macOS systems.

Does someone know of an alternative or a 3rd party who’d taken on updating the app?

Also, do I see this right - there is no forum section for us App developers where we could discuss implementation of scriptability, or is there? I guess Stackoverflow is the only resource for that (other than the hard-to-use Apple dev forum)?

We don’t have anything at present. There is the AppleScript For Developers section of the Late Night Software forum, but it does not see much traffic.

Hallo tempel,

Maybe it’s a bit rude but I think you should have enough experience to build your own Sdef application.
Look years ago I came at a point with Script editor where it’s poor features tired me. There are a lot more powerful editors around, Script editor is really old baked. So I made my hands dirty and build a powerful assistant application to feel happy again with coding.

Nowadays I couldn’t code anymore without iScripts which improved a lot meanwhile. See my signature if you’re interested to check out my (older) code. But you need something else.
I think you can build something great with Swift.

Sdef Editor’s author responded: He has open-sourced it indeed:


I wonder if anyone was able to compile Sdef Editor successfully from the github code?

I tried but I’m giving up by now. Too many errors I’m not sure how to deal with.