Search and Replace based on Styles

Hello Scripters,

I am attempting to tag a document with my own created Markdown language. I am working with various languages (German, Hellenistic Greek, Hebrew, Aramaic, Latin, etc.) in creating an e-text. I wrote numerous Applescripts to key in this information into a particular style. For example, a string of Hebrew characters are in {font:“Hebraica II”, color:blue, size:22}. I now have all the information keyed in, but I need to wrap my markdown language around the particular information to which it should agree. For example, a Hebrew String should have the tags String enclosed around the content. I can write the necessary script to so, as a search and replace. However, my search criteria is to large. Thus, I was wondering if I could rewrite my script in conditionals. For example, say I wanted to exclude modern punctuation from being within the tags. I would thus like to say, “if searhHerbew contains any punctuation, then exclude from tag. else tag searchHebrew with .” I know this isn’t the correct AppleScript Syntax, but it’s the logic of what I am looking to do. I am curious if you could help me get this into the correct AppleScript Syntax.

I am working with Tex-Edit Plus 4.9.8, using grep searches based on styles.
I am also working in the 10.6.8 OSX.

Thanks for your time.