Search Multiple AppleScript Files?

Does anyone know of a way to search multiple AppleScript files for text, say, analogous to doing a recursive Unix Grep search? For instance, how can I find all my AppleScripts containing the text, “do shell script”?

TIA, Jonathan

AppleScript: 2.2.4
Browser: Firefox 23.0
Operating System: Mac OS X (10.8)


You can use Spotlight, as long as I don’t need the date or something, I just write: “kind:osa do shell script” in the the Spotlight bar, ( then I would of course click on “show all” afterwards ). Since I have Script Debugger, and edited most of my scripts in Script Debugger, I have the the Quick Look plugin that came with it working for my files, so that Finder shows a preview when I hit space bar in the Spotlight window. :wink: