Search Network Drives

I have an Automator Action which is entirely applescript save the “Find Finder Item” step. I am using the automator step to find all instances of a specific file type for use in the script. My client now needs the script to search not just the local drives but also mounted network drives. I tried changing the automator step to search “Network” but that didn’t fix it. I am also unable to find much code related to searching files. Is there a way to do a simple search for a file in AS or what would be the best way to search a network drive for all occurances of a file?


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If the volume is being indexed by spotlight you can used the mdfind command from a do shell script.

Okay now that I have appeased them the other way is just to use the actual find statement. Again this is going to be one through a do shell script statement.

One of those, imo, would be your best bet for finding files. Now using that in Automator may be another story… I have little experience with Automator.