Search subject lines > Count entries ... declare winner [HELP]

Hi there…

I have a unique request and hope someone can help me.

I’m running an email scavenger hunt game for a conference. Email’s will be coming in with subject lines something like this…

“John Doe found item #1” “John Doe found item #2” “John Doe found item #3” … etc.

The first person to find 20 items wins.

I need to create a way for Outlook so that it can scan a folder of these emails… and tell me when 20 entries matching names are found.

So first it would find duplicates I imagine… then count those duplicates. If the duplicate count is 20 … take those messages and just maybe move them to a folder called “Winner” ?

I’m open to other suggestions if you think of a better way.

Any help is appreciated.



Sorry an old post, but I would seriously consider collecting your mail items and export them to EXCEL or NUMBERS and then do the searching…counting thing…