Searching Array

I’m using this

set hitlist to "tlable = 'Molecule 2' OR tlable = 'Molecule 5' OR tlable= 'Molecule 10'"
set bPredicate to current application's class "NSPredicate"'s predicateWithFormat_(hitlist)
set theSelList to theArraysRows's filteredArrayUsingPredicate_(bPredicate)

This works very well and gives the flexibility to search other fields and to build complex queries using boolean operators.

In one case however I will only want to search “tlable” and the I use a unix app to generate the list in the format {Molecule 1, Molecule 5, Molecule 27 …etc} this list can be very long (over 1000 items) and so I was wondering if there was to use the list as a query without the need to reformat as tlable = ‘Molecule 1’ etc for the hitlist.