Searching Eudora 6 script to assign keywords on selected emails


I’m searching desperately a script for Eudora 6.2.4 to assign a line I’ll name for example “keywords: Red, Blue” in messages header.
The idea is:

  • Select one or several messages
  • launch the script
  • a dialog box appear to ask me which keywords I want to assign if I can have an option to predefined keywords like a list I can change anytime it would be heaven
  • click ok to assign them

I can then create a special “saved find” which includes: headers contains “keywords: Red, Blue” to search for them directly.
I don’t have to move messages to new project specific mailbox instead.

Here’s a example of the header:

To: Nicolas Robel
From: Frédéric
Subject: Prix de la Ville - suite !
Date: Tue, 19 Sep 2006 08:38:21 +0200
Keywords: PrixTöpffer06,In Progress


I send the newsletter of september.

Best Regards.

John D.

I’m trying to tweek eudora and adding an option to manage messages and group of messages with keywords.

Mail tags:
I really love the labels option. I’m using it all the time, I’ve defined labels such “To reply HI”, “To reply MED”. and I’ve created specific finds to search into mailboxes for these labels.
I’m missing a more complete and efficient way to handle email. I wanted to define keywords and/or project groups and having the ability to apply them to messages like labels.
I’m dealing with a lot of different projects at once and moving the messages to a specifically new mailbox is not the best option. I’d like to TAG messages with keywords as well and then create different saved finds for these keywords. for example: I can apply a multiple keywords from a list of Master Keywords I’ve already defined to a messages or several messages that share some of these metadatas. Like messages 1 and 2 with “Bird” & “Blue” but adding “To cancel” only for message 2 as well. The options would be fantastic!!!
I’ve recently found this add-ons for Apple Mail and they’ve read my mind:

What do you think?

Is it possible to mimic it with applescript?

Many thanks for your answer,


I use this for labeling (where the color names are what I see, not the color names in the Labels item of Special):

set colors to {"None", "Orange", "Red", "Puce", "Blue", "Navy", "Green", "Brown"}
set LColor to item 1 of (choose from list colors)
repeat with k from 1 to count colors
	if LColor = item k of colors then
		set C to k - 1
		exit repeat
		set C to 0
	end if
end repeat
tell application "Eudora" to set label of front message to C

Having said that, I don’t know of any scripting method for altering the content of a received email, and Eudora mailboxes are one long string of plain text without ‘metadata’. emails are stored in chronological order (as received) with the newest last. You could search the file itself and add something to it yourself that would subsequently show up when that mailbox was opened, but Eudora won’t do it for you as far as I know.