Searching inside .scpt files.

I seem to recall someone posting a workaround to make the text within .scpt files searchable. I didn’t need it when it was posted, but I’ve written some hundred scripts since then, and am running into situations where I half remember methods used in previous tinkerings without remembering where that particular code lives. Does anyone recall that post or know a method other than resaving as .applescript to make these files searchable? TIA :smiley:

ScriptDebugger includes a plugin that allows Spotlight to do this. Also I believe there is a google plugin as well -

Hey, James. While I was waiting on an answer, I continued searching on my own, and I discovered that the freeware “EasyFind” can perform file content searches within scpts; I think I will use this solution, however, I do appreciate your reply.

Marc, you might want to have a look at ScriptLight, it’s a very neat application for controling script files, etc