searching script listing shortcuts.


I retreived a set of files listing the shortcuts available in several applications.
As they are all dated 2013/07/29, I guess that I built them with a script grabbed here in june or july.
Alas I am unable to retreive it.
As English is not my main language I’m not at ease applying search tools upon English written datas.

Maybe the script author will read this message and will be able to help me to retrieve the script.

Thanks in advance.

Yvan KOENIG (VALLAURIS, France) lundi 11 novembre 2013 16:30:00

Hi Yvan. Is this the thread? I’m not sure which script it would be.


I had no hope to find it.
I was searching with the keystrings
shortcut AND application
shortcut AND keyboard

which are clearly bad ones.

I tried with :

  • shortcut +optimistic
    assuming that it will return the thread because it contain both words but nada.
    In fact I don’t know what is the meaning of “row” for SQL.

Yvan KOENIG (VALLAURIS, France) lundi 11 novembre 2013 18:58:47